Special Report – Salary Forecasts 2019

For some years already, businesses in Quebec have had to grapple with significant challenges with respect to the availability of a qualified and cost-competitive labour force.

With its yearly Salary Forecasts Special Report, the CPQ aims to provide employers with tools that will allow them to identify the private sector’s leading salary trends for the year. Generated in collaboration with human resources consulting firms, the report also includes insights from the survey of non-profit sector salary increases led by the Centre québécois de service aux associations.

As such, the report provides swift access to expert forecasts and helps effectively plan your remuneration strategy. This information will allow you to:

  • Compare your organization’s projected wage increases with those forecasted in your industry;
  • Assess the wage increases and wage scale adjustments of your various employment categories;
  • View wage growth variances across different provinces;
  • Take stock of executive staffing trends.

Moreover, the current widespread need for labour in most of the province’s regions as well as in numerous sectors presents Quebec employers with a challenge, one that compels them to become particularly creative in terms of the conditions of employment they offer if they hope to recruit, retain, and motivate personnel at a time when
vying for labour market talent remains fiercely competitive.

We would further like to thank our partners and congratulate them for their thoroughness in preparing this report which, year after year, serves as a key reference for human resources professionals and for managers all across the province.

Wishing you an insightful read,
Yves-Thomas Dorval

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