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Speeding up change: The CPQ’s environmental commitment

Published on January 20th 2022
Conseil du patronat
Incarner la voix des employeurs du Québec.
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Encouraged by Yves-Thomas Dorval, President and CEO at the time, the CPQ decided in 2014 to take concrete action in this regard by joining Alliance SWITCH, a group of business people and environmentalists working to speed the transition towards a green economy. Since then, the CPQ has taken part in numerous initiatives aimed at redefining our economy by making it more sustainable and more inclusive, including the G15+ collective. The fight against climate change represents a daunting challenge. For that reason, the approach must be strategic and based on a set of tools designed to achieve the stated objectives. As regards its positioning, the CPQ favours environmental taxes (i.e., eco-taxes) that will help to achieve our environmental objectives and public tenders that foster the use of sustainable products and services. We also support sustainable mobility and the circular economy, in addition to the development of new sources of clean/renewable energy and green technologies with a view to achieving a just transition benefiting all stakeholders.

For the CPQ, not only are these initiatives essential to addressing climate change and other major environmental issues, but they also provide an unprecedented opportunity to build a more innovative, competitive and resilient economy.

By issuing this statement of position and revisiting its key areas of focus, the CPQ is reaffirming its environmental commitment while laying out its underlying vision and underscoring its members’ contributions to the development and implementation of solutions that are sure to make Québec stronger in the coming years.

This document also spotlights the partnerships that the CPQ has joined in carrying out its initiatives and that point the way forward in our collective response to the challenges of the environmental transition.

The CPQ represents over 70,000 employers of all sizes operating in the private and parapublic sectors in all regions of the province. The CPQ firmly believes that by working together, we can create sustainable and inclusive wealth for all Quebecers while overcoming the social and environmental challenges we face.

Karl Blackburn
President and CEO
Conseil du patronat du Québec

Read Speeding up change: The CPQ’s environmental commitment

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Speeding up change: The CPQ’s environmental commitment

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