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Special Report - Salary Forecasts 2023

Published on September 29th 2022
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As they continue to grapple with the unrelenting uncertainty ushered in by the pandemic, business operations press on yet must now contend with even more disruptions fuelled by the war in Ukraine and soaring inflation. In the space of a few months, the price of materials and transport have flared alongside delivery delays the likes of which none has ever seen. Meanwhile, and unsurprisingly, the jump in the cost of living is driving a sustained demand for higher wages.

In the face of these new economic realities, businesses have to readjust once more as they continue to tackle their ongoing employee recruitment and retention challenges. The stakes have never been higher for employers to stand out and make their mark.

Our Special Brief on Salary Forecasts should undoubtedly serve them during this complex time. Published annually and developed in collaboration with our expert partners, our report includes forecasts on salary trends and a yearly outlook on the course of human resource management.

The CPQ shares this expertise with you to help inform your operations’ compensation strategies. You will find information pertaining to your sector as well as your various employment categories.

This report, developed for employers and managers from every sector as well as for human resource professionals, presents a rigorous, welldocumented analysis guided by our compensation experts. It should offer a great deal of useful information to help you navigate these uncommon times.

Karl Blackburn

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Special Report - Salary Forecasts 2023