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Special Report on Salary Forecasts 2021

Published on October 2nd 2020
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The repercussions of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic weigh heavily on Quebec on social and economic fronts alike. As we are in the midst of a second wave, government authorities are rallying to put measures in place to both reassure citizens and support economic recovery.

For employers, this unprecedented hurdle inherently compounds the challenges that stem from population aging, technological change, and labour force shortages — challenges they were contending with well before the start of the pandemic. The sharp rise in unemployment since our last salary forecast exercise does not in itself translate into all sectors being able to find qualified labour or into all job categories matching the skills of the available workforce. In grappling to find their bearings, Quebec employers must now more than ever offer working conditions that will support talent recruitment as well as employee retention.

The CPQ’s annual Special Salary Forecasts Report provides employers expert perspectives on the leading wage trends for the year ahead. In light of the ongoing health crisis and its social and economic fallout, the value of the report has ostensibly grown tenfold.

Thanks to instrumental contributions from our partners, the CPQ’s salary forecasts report presents you with expertise to help you implement your remuneration strategies using relevant information about your industry and its employment categories.

Drawn from a comprehensive review by our remuneration experts, we are pleased to share this guide with you — employers, HR professionals, and managers — and hope it offers you an opportunity to leverage well-founded information towards supporting your efforts in these uncertain times.

Karl Blackburn
President and CEO

Read the Special Report on Salary Forecasts 2021

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Special Report on Salary Forecasts 2021