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Special Report on Salary Forecasts 2020

Published on September 24th 2019
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Incarner la voix des employeurs du Québec.
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The labour force shortages Quebec has been facing for a number of years now have presented employers with some notable challenges. Raising their profi le and setting themselves apart is pivotal in attracting and retaining the talent they need, and part of these efforts revolve around their capacity to suitably remunerate this talent.

Produced in collaboration with prominent HR consulting fi rms, the Salary Forecasts Special Report offers employers a view of the leading wage trends on the horizon for the coming year. It also presents an overview of results from a survey that looked at wage increases in the non-profit sector.

By offering you concise forecasts from leading experts in the field, this report aims to help you make informed decisions in developing your business’ compensation strategy. As such, the report gives you the opportunity to:

  • Compare your own projected wage increases with those from relevant business sectors;
  • Evaluate the wage increases and salary scale adjustments of your various employment categories; and,
  • Learn more about the wage increase gaps between the provinces.

We’d like to extend thanks to our partners for their comprehensive efforts and laudable contributions, year after year, in generating this report. We hope it continues to serve as an indispensable reference to HR professionals and managers across Quebec.

Wishing you an instructive and insightful read!

Yves-Thomas Dorval
President and CEO

Read the Special Report on Salary Forecasts 2020

Lire le Dossier spécial sur les prévisions salariales 2020

You can also download the PDF document from the right-hand column. On smartphone and tablet, click on "Additional Information" at the top of the screen.

The CPQ would like to thank the participating firms for their contributions in preparing this document:


Special Report on Salary Forecasts 2020