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Report Card on Quebec Prosperity 2011

Published on August 30th 2011
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In 2010, the Quebec Employers Council published its first Report Card on Quebec Prosperity revealing Quebec’s main strengths and weaknesses. Despite the strong recent performance of our province, which made it through the recession in better shape than many other jurisdictions and which created more jobs than it lost during that period, Quebec’s economic performance, compared with that of other Canadian provinces and countries around the world, leaves plenty to be desired. Whether in terms of major variables of collective wealth and productivity, or of other variables that will be analyzed here in greater depth, Quebec continues to fall behind. Some analysts have dissected this phenomenon in enormous detail.(1) This is reflected in our GDP per capita, contrasted in the following chart with those of three other Canadian provinces and Canada as a whole as well as of the United States and other OECD countries.

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  1. See in particular Marcel Boyer. La performance et le développement économique du Québec : Les douze travaux d’Hercule, CIRANO, December 2009.
Report Card on Quebec Prosperity 2011