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Report Card on Canadian Prosperity 2015

Published on October 8th 2015
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The Report Card on Québec Prosperity, which the Quebec Employers Council has published since 2010, highlights the province of Québec’s main strengths and weaknesses. The report card is not aimed at assessing the actions undertaken by the various governments; its intended purpose is to point out the threats and opportunities that need to be considered in developing future policies. This year, coinciding with the federal elections, the Employers Council is publishing a report card on Canadian prosperity. This report card analyzes 12 socio-economic indicators.(1)

Compared to OECD countries, Canada performs quite well on most of the indicators, notably those pertaining to the education of the population, patents and the cost of operating a business. But Canada is lagging in the area of numeracy competencies, the marginal effective tax rates on business investments and in productivity. Thus, it would appear that certain structural reforms are needed to remedy the situation.

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  1. Some of the criteria analyzed in the Report Card on Québec Prosperity that allow for a comparison of Québec to other provinces, cannot be used to compare Canada to other countries because of a lack of available data.
Report Card on Canadian Prosperity 2015